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The (un)official guide to Matter

for Australia and New Zealand

What is Matter?

Matter is a new open-source standard for connected smart things.

Matter. This new industry–unifying standard is a promise of reliable, secure connectivity — a seal of approval that smart devices and systems will work seamlessly together, today and tomorrow – regardless of the smart home control platform you choose to use.

In short – Matter is attempting to unify a fragmented smart home market by standardising the way smart devices talk and can be controlled. Creating more connections between more objects… simplifying development… whilst also increasing compatibility, choice and value for consumers.

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Matter Mobiles

Who is behind Matter?

The bigger question is… who isn’t!

In late 2019, Amazon, Apple, Google, SmartThings and the Zigbee Alliance announced the formation of the working group “Project Connected Home over IP” – now known as Matter.  This collaborative breakthrough is built on proven technologies and guided by the not-for-profit Connectivity Standards Alliance, whose members have come together from across industries to transform the future of connectivity and the smart home.

Matter is built around a shared belief that smart home devices should be secure, reliable and seamless to use. Matter will enable communication across smart home devices, voice assistants, mobile apps and cloud services – and to define a specific set of IP-based networking technologies for device certification. The open-source Matter platform is backed by some of the World’s largest technology companies, including…

GoogleAppleAmazon AlexaSmartThingsLogitechSomfyTuyaLGSamsungLIFXiRobotFacebookMieleXiaomi

and 200+ more.

Why does Matter… matter?

Simple… unification of the fragmented smart home.

One of the biggest barriers holding back the smart home industry is compatibility – or rather, lack of it. There are so many competing standards… Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, RF, Bluetooth and countless more.  Smart devices using different protocols do not play well together – worse still, consumers are generally limited on how they can control their smart home – to the point where you end up with 15 different apps! This is hardly convenient… or smart!

Matter sets out to change the fragmented smart home industry by providing a unified, open-source, secure, adaptable and certified smart home standard. Others have tried – with varying degrees of success – most have simply failed. Matter feels different… with names such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung on-board – Matter is shaping up to finally bring peace and harmony to your smart home – no matter how you choose to shape it.


Matter makes it easy to create a smart home… just look for the Matter logo and you’re good to go.


Matter certification means it just works together perfectly… regardless of the brand.


Consistent, fast and responsive local connectivity – Matter is built for speed and scalability.


Matter uses blockchain technology, among other intrinsic measures, to provide rock-solid security.

Where can I get Matter?

We’re glad you asked :)

You can purchase Matter devices almost anywhere.

But there is only one place that offers the best service, advice, range and most importantly; support…

We are the smart home experts, so you don’t need to be.

When is Matter available?

Great news! Matter devices are finally starting to make their way to Australia and New Zealand!

So far, the range is limited, but steadily growing.

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